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Well, this is interesting. Found this in an old box camera I never bothered opening. Who knows what’s on it.

Hidden Reality by gtuned. on Flickr.

That was quick. Thanks guys!
Annnnnnnd more cameras.
I’m super proud of this one. I tried to go for as much 80’s in one picture as possible, and I think I nailed it. Got 2 versions of it up for sale on the store as a 16x24 Metallic Print for $65. 

I just can’t help but smile and laugh when I look at it.
The latest design for the store. A 12x36 poster of the Lancia Stratos for $50. You can get one right here.
messing around in paint.net and made this up.


KOAN Sound x Frank Ocean & Tyler, The Creator - Meanwhile, Golden Girl

KOAN Sound x Frank Ocean & Tyler, The Creator

Meanwhile, Golden Girl

Meanwhile, Golden Girl


I guess I decided to put a Preorder for the M Trio Metals up.

Promise/Glow is Done

Pt.1 is 80% Done

Pt.2 isn’t started yet.

I’m guaranteeing that they will be done by March 21st, then the orders will be fulfilled and shipped out.

Everyone who preorders will get a little bonus, 3 stickers of each design. 2 random orders might even get 1 of 2 ///M stickers with a promo code for the store.

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Like a shot? Want to buy a print of it? Check my redbubble, if it's not on there, message me and I'll upload it.

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